Christmas: such a delicious time!

Christmas season have this delicious and preciousness thing when no matter time or day of the week – maybe right now – even at 2 PM, aromes and parfums arise from the oven in some unknown and miraculous kitchen around.

The north is the south

In the south hemisphere – where i was born and live part of mi lifetime – no one is surprised that we eat winters and highcalorie foods wearing a swimwear at the terrace or courageous bearing 30 C degree! No complains! Christmas means summer, long vacations for children and long siestas for everyone. For us, specially in Chile, is the glorious season for fresh fruits as apricots (many kinds of); cherries, watermelons, strawberries, grapes and so on. Our tables are full and flourishing of fresh tomates, celery, rucula, avocados, lettuces, flowers, cucumbers, corns ( known as choclos in Chile) and so on. We live Christmas in “paradise”.

And the south is the north

At the very same time, this tradition bring us to winter’s season, far away in maps but close in our families and memories. Many of us have foreigns roots: german, french, spanish, arabian, croatian, english, etc. Don’t be surprised if you’re in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Perou (with some variations) and you feel being in Europe or everywhere. Don’t hesitate to answer this question: is Latin America, is South America. Christmas, if you are planning a journey to this “La La Land”, summer and – specially Christmas – is the moment to come!

At Christmas, ours tables, kitchens and markets, recognized our mixtures and heritages. So you could found green salad and melons, next to a pork or turkey furnished with apple purée and dauphinois potatoes next to ceviches, fresh seafoods, ginger cookies, panettones or puddings. “Latinoamericanos”, we are this mixture or melting pot.

Is about cook

What makes Christmas such a unique moment for family memories, is that is not JUST a time to eat (normally, too much) but, but, but … Is a unique time to cook and share recipes and souvenirs. I’m not talking about real presence in your kitchen, but those unveiled partners as your grannies, sisters, aunts, friends, family and ancestries who are driven you until this present moment. The moment that you decide the “Christmas menu”, even the budget (big achievement, isn’t?), what to drinks and how many desserts you gonna have. Never enough if, as we do in my family, we don’t cook for Christmas eve, but for the 25th and beyond.

Now, let me tell you one final thought that I have in mind when i relate this holidays with celebration. Is simple. No matter if you’re in winter season or enjoying your holidays in a sunny place, never forgot one special Christmas recipe: Food is made by memories, not by flavors or money. If I’m right, You don’t remember quiet moments at kitchen or table…isn’t it? You remember the chaos or those moments running/ rushing as Julia Child to save the roast beef from the oven, maybe more than the perfection in your champagne bubbles. Food is to set the table together, with your best steel cutlery and cups. Is the kitchen mess mixed with perfect music made by knifes and forks. Finally, Christmas is about to embrace something elusive.

I really hope you enjoy the alchemy of hearts and… Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël and Happy Christmas!


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