Marburg in the middle…

Whether you are going to Frankfurt, Munich or the Rhine vineyards, Marburg gives you the chance to taste a human scale German city. You will be a tourist in an old fashioned way: without crowds of people surrounding you. Is it not what you are waiting for?

Marburg is an small German city located 1 hour north of Frankfurt. That means it is located in the middle of Europe. It can be described as a “university town” because Phillips University is the oldest protestant university in the world. It was founded in 1527 and since then many other educational institutions have located there. Even a university for blind people was established in Marburg a few years ago. However, the Germans i met in the city described it to me as a “boring city” (and – LOL – imagine the boredom gestures that came with it). I don’t agree with this perception…not at all. Marburg is a medium size city with 2 train stations, 2 botanicals gardens, all the normal and useful services such as post offices, organic and local farmers markets…combined with parks along the Lahn river, woods on the hills, theatres, interesting bookstores, handicraft stores, wine stores, coffees, traditional pottery stores, and nice people who look at you in the eyes and are open to share a table with you. A city where the church bells travel over tiny bridges, horse statues, fountains, terraces, stairs and where you can spend at least 2 nice days and continue your trip.

Why Marburg?

Here you have 9 goods reasons to stop in Marburg.

1. Medieval scenes: the Medieval historical city center gives you the chance to discover charming streets with a mix of stone and a half- timbered houses; dates and inscriptions in their doors or some wood carving. Some of them seem to be falling, but don’t worry. They have resisted for centuries! Better…Be prepared and beware: look down and look up, watch your steps, don’t walk too fast and, really, you will be amazed by doors, squares, stairs and windows.

2. Marburg has a river. It’s called Lahn, it offers you a charming setting and, especially in the summer, the options grow with rental boats, kayaking, sidewalks, picnic areas and pictures.

3. Pottery Made in Marburg: I must confess, I had never heard of this “Marburger Geschirr” before I visited the castle. As it happens, it has been well known since the 19th century, and its popularity goes far beyond the borders of the State of Hesse and of Germany. The base is brown with a pattern made of coloured ceramic slurry. The result is colorful but elegant; useful and decorative at the same time, and it is one the best souvenirs that you can take with you from Marburg. My recommendation is: go straight to the oldest store in town founded in 1809 – Marburger Töpferhaus – located at Steinweg 8. Now, you have an excuse (in case you need it!) to break your mugs, plates and beer glasses.

4. Walk or bike, Marburg invites you to move in nature: As a reachable city, even with the many stairs if you visit the old city, Marburg offers you many options to move in nature. Alongside the river, going to the tower or the castle, discovering the countryside, urban gardens or quiet squares. One of my favorite spots is Friedrichsplatz, near the Synagogue. Go there for nothing more than some peace or a break.

5. Shopping, of course! Every Wednesday morning you have the chance to taste and buy local produce just behind the Elizabeth Church (one of the city spots that every touristic guide recommends you). It is small but big enough. If you want the biggest version of this organic /local farmers market, try to be in town on Saturday on Frankfurt street.

6. Coffee or tea? Of course my dear! But, not, “Anytime” in Marburg: Just check the opening times because some places have (I have to say) very weird opening hours. Some are closed on Wednesday or Tuesday…and of course everything is closed on Sunday. Well, anyway, there is no time to lose. For an urban stop, go to Bohne (speciality coffee and coffee roasters as well). It is located near the University Library, the Elizabeth Church, the old Botanical Garden and the oldest pottery store. If you love terrace and river, go to Café am Grün (shared with Roten Stern bookstore wich deserves a visit on its own merits). And if you need more energy to go back to the street, make a “pause” at Die Pause, with an amazing view over the river and the city surroundings.

7. Chocolate lover: I guess you are a chocolate fan, so i’m going to recommend 3 differents places to you: Klingelhoefer pastry shop (opened in 1887 Link web ). Here, the crucial question is about haustorte or chocolate truffles, all made according to the “bean to bar” concept. If, however, you are in the old town, go to La manufacture d’Anouk where, instead, you can taste homemade brownies and vegan chocolate ice cream and then…Then, what else, just sit outside on a terrace and enjoy your lucky day! More chocolate? At the Venezia ice cream shop there is always something new around chocolate. But if, by any chance, you come across some cherry liquor blend with chocolate, go for it as soon as possible.

8. Museums with no regrets: Modern Art or Minerals, all are jewels in a certain way, aren’t they? And you find both in Marburg. At the Museum of Art and Cultural History, you are going to discover a building (Weimar style), just reopened in 2018, with some of the most relevant artists of the modern art such Lucio Fontana, Henry Moore, Nikki de Saint-Phalle, and all this, with the chance of being alone in front of them for hours. The Museum of Mineralogy is also located in a special building called by the folks as “the freezer” (book any tour at the Tourist Bureau and you will know why). Beside this detail, every stone of this museum deserves a visit. Some of them tell you the story of the universe whereas others make you look twice because you cannot believe how Nature created them. Beauty at level 10.

9. If you need a special point to start or finish your visit in Marburg, I will give you 2 very different locations: Rathaus square at the city center and/or Wehrshausen church in the surroundings.

Do you want to visit Marburg?


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