Breviary Vietnam n.1 – after the rain

After the rain, there is a silence. Delicious silence. Not too long, just few seconds. But in those few seconds the miracle is in the air. No claxones, no talks, no karaokes, no ducks no trucks. For a reason that escape to my knowledge of vietnamite weather, the rain scare others noises, specially humans presence. Human beings escape from the water and the wind and they became statues waiting for.

After the rain, only the chicken broke the silence. There you know, with certitude, that the rain is over. After the chickens And roosters, came the dogs. After the dogs, came the crickets. After the crickers, arrive motorcycles, claxones, voices and music. That’s what happened after the rain in Vietnam: is a break, maybe a relief. The only certitude is that when rain is over, life keep happening as usual in Vietnam.


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